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Culture is Dalarna

With its rich mining history, Dalarna has a multitude of historic musea. It also offers a choice of traditional crafts, modern art, theatre and music. In the column to the left you will find links to a host of cultural landmarks, and we will also highligt some of the attractions we think are really worth a visit.

Ekomuseum Bergslagen

This open-air museum exists of a collection of over fifty spots of historical significance and runs all the way from Strömsholm castle till Grangärde Finnmark. A visit to the ecomuseum is like a journey back in time, where you can see how the beginning of the industialisation has grown to the modern industrialised society that we are today. On the various locations you will find charcoal ovens, open and closed mines, smithes, kilns, workmans’ houses, castles, railroads, chanels and sluices. On their website you can read information in English, Swedish and German about locations and business hours as well as history and the availability of guides.

Carl Larsson Gården

One of the most well-known and depicted artist residences in the world! Take a look in the house of Carl Larsson, known for his aquarels with house, wive and kids as subjects. In the colorful residence you can enjoy an architecture that was far ahead of its time. It’s beautiful! For more information take a look at the website.

The Falun coppermine

A part of the World Heritage, Falun coppermine is definitely worth a visit! Take a guided tour 67 meters below the ground, trough beautiful caves and impressive workshops. There are guided tours in a variety of languages, for more information take a look on the website. Don’t forget your warm clothes!

Facts about Dalarna

Area: 28.194 km²
Population: 275.755
Capital: Falun


Musea and Galleries

Ekomuseum Bergslagen
Railroadmuseum Grängesberg
Barken Bokstuga
Carl Larsson Museum
Falun Coppermine
Gallery Astley

Arts and crafts

Grangärde Musteri

Theatre and music

Musik i Dalarna
Norrby Theater
Gamla Meken
Cassels Musikhus

Huset i Dalarna

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